A Bartending Career

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They say there are two types of people at a bar: both are having fun… but only one is making money!

In today's economy, everyone has a sense of uncertainty, wondering if they're going to be able to pay their bills this month. With news reports of business after business going down the toilet, many people become discouraged; however, there is something out there that may be the answer!

BARS are BUSY!!! Anyone who has been to any one of Cincinnati's 1200 + bars on a Friday or Saturday night knows this! Why? People go to bars whether they're happy OR sad. Happy people go out to celebrate with close friends… or meet new ones! Sad people go to bars to lift their spirits and to gain consolation from their favorite doctor: the Bartender.

Working in the food and beverage industry is considered "recession-proof" and allows people the ability to not only make their own schedules but also gives them the freedom to relocate to nearly any place in the country and have immediate employment!

How much to bartenders make??? Good question, huh! The question should be: "How much do qualified trained professional bartenders make?" Our graduates make an average of $15 - $30 / hour… which adds up to $600 - $800 / week. Also, that's not a 40-hour week, that's only working 25-30 hours!

Bartending allows anyone the freedom to pursue jobs that not only make them happy and feel good about themselves, but the ability to use their personality and skills to put money in their pockets!

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