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Have you ever been on vacation at a resort or spent time at a bar close to the beach? Ever had one of those wonderful "Island Drinks" with the colorful garnish and maybe even one of those little umbrellas? Ever have a drink so good that you say to yourself "I could get used to these!"? All you want to do when you return home is to go to your favorite bar and order that same drink to "take you back" to that moment! Unfortunately, whenever you ask a bartender to make your "perfect drink," they NEVER make it right! Why? They have no idea how to make it!

…and that's the difference between a Bartender (also known as "Beertenders") and a Mixologist. Mixologists has a much higher understanding of drink preparation, has much more knowledge about the industry, and usually works at more upscale food and beverage establishments. Also, Mixologists usually make MUCH more money than a standard bartender due to their ability to make nearly any drink their customers ask for… which means more money in their pockets!

Here at the Cincinnati Bartending School, our Professional Mixology program is available as a 2-week day or night course, a 5-week Saturday course, or a 1-week Accelerated course. We also offer flexible classes to fit into anyone's schedule.

Cream Drinks

Popular Highballs

Sours and Margaritas

Traditional Martinis

Today's Hottest Shooters

Exotic Tall Drinks

Budweiser Training Program

Guiness Beer Training Program

Wine Class

Our Instructors are licensed by the National Restaurant Association
to teach the NRA's ServSafe progam.

All graduates of our Professional Mixology course will not only have the proper training to create over 200 traditional AND trendy drinks, butalso have beer & wine and ServSafe Certification from the National Restaurant Association – all crucial to be successful in this industry.

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