Local Bartending Job Placement Assistance

Upon graduating from our program, we help you find a job! Our Cincinnati campus employs a full-time Job Placement Director, who works VERY hard to help each of our students find GREAT bartending jobs here in the tri-state.

Our Job Placement Director works with all our graduates one-on-one, giving them the opportunities to work in the BEST bars in Cincinnati. We have spent the last 30+ years developing relationships with over 300 bars in the tri-state, which allows us to have dozens of job opportunities available on a daily basis for all of our graduates seeking employment.

The Cincinnati Bartending School has maintained such a high standard of excellence that we are proud to boast that our Job Placement Assistance program has placed over 91% of our graduates into Cincinnati's best bars for over 10 years.

Check out our graduates pictures page to see a few of our grads in action!

No matter what you're looking to do, where you're looking to work, or how much money you want to make, our Job Placement Director is here to help you take the knowledge and experience gained here at the school into the real world and discover the fun and excitement of bartending

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